1. He will break your heart and you will confuse the words”forget” and “forgive.” Nobody will question why you’re still bleeding two months later. 2. Your friends will watch you cry and only then will they understand how Rome fell in a day.3. You will walk down Memory Lane a dozen or so times a day before you realize your feet have glass in them and he’s no longer holding your hand. 4. His goodbye will be the last thing you taste before you speak before you drink before you eat before you sleep,and it will be so bitter, but forgetting the end means forgetting the beginning too. 5. He will go on his first date without you and you will clench your teeth and ready your fists, but your mom will drag you back inside by your hair and tell you not to fight.You will thank her later.6. He’ll tell you all about her and your heart will never feel as broken as it does laying under those words.Long hair, eyes like stars, delicate hands, and a warm smile,to make up everything you were not.7. You will move on. Stumbling and fighting to regain your stability without his guidance. You will walk out of the journey bloody and bruised and broken. You will look back and wonder how you made it so far.8. And you will realize you did it without him, like you swore you weren’t able to. :   (via niqqaqueen)

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My mother doesn’t like tattoos. She says art belongs on a wall. Well I say no one, not even my mother gets to tell me that I can’t be a masterpiece. Hannah Snowdon (via basementvirtue)

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I loved you
harder than I hated
and that’s how
I knew I was
in trouble. Y.Z  (via fuckinq)

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